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Dietary Management (Provided by Professional Nutritionists)

Service Overview:
Providing dietary management services offered by professional nutritionists. Tailored to the patient's health condition and needs, personalized dietary plans are formulated to aid in improving health and managing diseases.
  • Personalized dietary plans provided by professional nutritionists to ensure balanced and scientifically sound nutrition
  • Customization based on the patient's health goals and disease management needs
  • Continuous nutritional counseling and guidance to help patients maintain healthy eating habits in the long term
What We Do:
  • Dietary assessment and development of personalized dietary plans
  • Dietary advice and guidance on food selection
  • Nutrition knowledge training and health dietary education
Service Process:
  • The nutritionist conducts an initial consultation with the patient to understand their dietary habits and health condition
  • Detailed dietary assessment is performed, and personalised dietary plans are formulated based on the assessment results
  • Continuous nutritional counselling and guidance are provided, monitoring the implementation of the dietary plan, and adjustments are made as needed

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