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Introducing LTB LIGHT HEALTHCARE (M) SDN. BHD., a leading healthcare company in Malaysia dedicated to ushering in positive changes through modern technology and healthcare innovation. Headquartered in KL, our vision is to make high-quality medical services easily accessible to all, with a focus on elderly and end-of-life care. Our comprehensive services include home healthcare, telemedicine, 24-hour medical assistance, caregiving and more.

At LTB LIGHT HEALTHCARE (M) SDN. BHD., we strive to meet the growing healthcare demands by integrating cutting-edge technology and professional medical care. Our future plans involve establishing intelligent nursing homes, leveraging technology for long-term care and launching an online medical service platform for a convenient healthcare experience.

Our Company


"Bringing Light to Healthcare for a Brighter Tomorrow. We envision a future where advanced technology and compassionate care transform Malaysia's medical landscape. Our commitment is to innovate solutions that foster a warm, accessible, and positively impactful healthcare ecosystem."
Our Company


Promote Digital Healthcare Inclusivity:

Champion universal access to high-quality medical services through widespread adoption of digital healthcare, with a focus on eldercare and end-of-life care.

Integrate Modern Technology and Medical Services:

Seamlessly merge modern technology with healthcare services, guiding patients and families to receive professional care at home.

Diversify Healthcare Offerings:

Illuminate various healthcare aspects with comprehensive services including home healthcare, end-of-life care, digital solutions, medical education, 24/7 assistance, caregiving, and medical product sales/rentals, enhancing accessibility and quality.

Pioneer Smart Senior Living Facilities:

Establish intelligent eldercare facilities integrating advanced technology and long-term care services to enhance seniors' quality of life.

Develop an Online Healthcare Hub in Malaysia:

Create a convenient one-stop online healthcare service in Malaysia, leveraging technology for streamlined medical experiences.